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Electrical Services for Commercial Buildings and Facilities in Virginia

No matter what business you are in, your business depends on machines. Machines that, without electricity to run them, will not run. If your business losses power, your business does not run. Can you really afford to trust the success of your business, the livelihood of you and your employees, to anyone other than the best electrician Northern Virginia has to offer?

Since 1984, the electricians at Walls Electrical Services have been trusted by businesses and commercial properties throughout Northern Virginia's Washington DC metropolitian area to provide them with the very best in electrical services. Our committment to providing the highest-quality commercial electrical installations and repairs has earned us both the loyalty of our customers and a reputation as the electrical service company businesses want to work with. Our comprehensive list of commercial services include...

Tenant Build-Out

Tenant Build Out by the professional, licensed commercial electricians at Walls Electrical Services of Catlett, Virginia

Congratulations on your new space. A new beginning is always exciting. You're filled with ideas of what is possible. All you need to make your dreams a reality is a team of professional contractors with the skills to turn dreams into reality

Walls Electrical Services can bring light, power and more to your new storefront or office. Our team of professional, licensed electricians can provide your business with all the lighting, surge-protected electrical outlets, CAT5 cable drops and more that you need to make your new location a success. Call today for affordable, professional tenant build-out services in Northern Virginia.

Computer Network Cabling

These days, even a pizza parlor needs computers to be successful. Wireless networks are fine for homes, but businesses still need the reliability and security of hard-wired CAT5 and fiber-optic cabling. Whether you're adding a new terminal to your existing space, or building out a new one to meet your business requirements, Walls Electrical Services has the skills and experience to satisfy all your business's computer network wiring. Call Today for pricing in Northern Virginia, near Fairfax and Washington DC.

Sign Repairs

Your business's sign is the first impression potential customers get of you and your business. An unlit, or partially lit, sign is going to send the wrong message to clients and customers when they walk through your door. If you're unwilling to do what is necessary to help yourself and your business, how can they trust you to provide them with your best? Don't let something as small as a light bulb cost you the respect of your customers. Call Walls Electrical Services today, and get your sign's lighting fixed today.

Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Service

Parking Lot Lighting is an important security consideration that can be installed and maintained by the licensed electricians at Walls Electrical Services of Catlett, Virginia.

Many people don't realize it, but walking to their car in the parking lot is one of the most dangerous activities of their day. They are tired, distracted. Mentally they are already home. In metropolitan and suburban areas, like Northern Virginia's Washington DC metro area, muggers and theives take advantage of the isolation and often poor lighting of parking lots to exploit the mental state of professionals on their way home to their families commit violent crimes against them. As a commercial property owner, do you want to take that risk?

In addition to an alert mental state, the best defense for people walking to their cars at night is a well-lit parking lot. Walls Electrical Services can affordably install and maintain your Northern Virginia building's parking lot lighting system. We can help you keep your tenants safe by eliminating the dark corners and shadows where criminals hide. Call Today for a quote.