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Make your home's interior come alive with the vibrance of recessed lighting. Highlight special features and provide illumination for special activities with adjustable track lighting. Add an artistic flair to your walls with decorative sconces. Whatever changes you want to make to your home's interior lighting, Walls Electrical Services can provide you with fast, courteous, professional installation of interior lighting fixtures and controls.

Recessed Lights

Lighting for Virginia Homes

Whether you're building a new room or renovating an old one, installing recessed lighting can make a major change in both the function and style of any space in your home. Unlike traditional lamps, sconces and chandeliers, recessed lights offer a clean, streamlined look while simultaneously providing bright light to the entire room and eliminating the need to sacrifice any of the room’s square footage. It can open up a room, making it look and feel bigger

The trick is getting the right number of fixtures in the room. Too few and you won’t get enough light. Too many and you’ll be paying more than is necessary both in wattage and lightbulbs (and the big spots used in recessed lighting are a bit more expensive than traditional bulbs… by several dollars a piece). That’s one reason why it pays to have your recessed lighting installed by a highly-qualified electrical contractor… someone who has had decades of experience finding the optimal balance of fixtures to square footage… someone like Walls Electrical Service