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Walls Electrical Service provides professional installation of electrical sockets for homes in Northern Virginia.

The seemingly simple tasks of changing outlets and switches can be one of the most dangerous electrical modification a home owner can make. Electrical fixtures in modern Virginia homes draw more electricity than ever before. Not knowing which is the right electrical component for a specific application can mean a home owner ends up installing an outlet or switch that can't handle the electrical load put upon it. When that happens, components can over heat and cause electrical fires in homes. Don't take that chance. Call the licensed electricians at Walls Electrical, and rest easy knowing your home's electrical system is up to the task.

Electrical Outlets for Homes in Virginia

Electrical Fixtures Repair

Electrical outlets come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes and colors. Not knowing which one is right for a given application can be very dangerous. Failing to install them according to state building codes can be very expensive to repair. Finding which one is broken and causing loss of power to half your home is a pain in the.... All are reasons why home owners in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia should rely on the licensed electrical contractors at Walls Electrical Services to provide professional repair and installation of their home's electrical outlets. Whether it's to service a electrical appliance or for your child's night-light, Walls Electrical will install the right electrical outlet for your family's needs.

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