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Comprehensive Electrical Installation and Repair Services For Virginia Homes

Of all the systems in a modern Virginia home, the electrical system is by far the one you most want to have handled by a licensed professional. Even the simplest electrical task done wrong can result in severe damage to your home. Making mistake installing an electrical outlet can result in fire and possibly even injury to you or your family member. No matter how large or small the project, if you are thinking of making changes or repairs to the electrical switches, outlets or fixtures in your home, don't take any chances. Call the licensed electricians at Walls Electrical Services, of Catlett, Virginia and get the job done right.

At Walls Electrical Services we take special pride in being able to provide for all the electrical needs of a modern, Northern Virginia home. As a full-service electrical contractor our comprehensive list of electrical services includes everything from changing out an outlet to a service upgrade. Call today and get professional electrical services, including...

Lighting for Virginia Homes

  ( 1 Article ) The Licensed Electricians at Walls Electrical Services can professionally install all your home's lighting fixtures.

Make your home's interior come alive with the vibrance of recessed lighting. Highlight special features and provide illumination for special activities with adjustable track lighting. Add an artistic flair to your walls with decorative sconces. Whatever changes you want to make to your home's interior lighting, Walls Electrical Services can provide you with fast, courteous, professional installation of interior lighting fixtures and controls.

Electrical Fixtures Repair

  ( 1 Article ) Walls Electrical Service provides professional installation of electrical sockets for homes in Northern Virginia.

The seemingly simple tasks of changing outlets and switches can be one of the most dangerous electrical modification a home owner can make. Electrical fixtures in modern Virginia homes draw more electricity than ever before. Not knowing which is the right electrical component for a specific application can mean a home owner ends up installing an outlet or switch that can't handle the electrical load put upon it. When that happens, components can over heat and cause electrical fires in homes. Don't take that chance. Call the licensed electricians at Walls Electrical, and rest easy knowing your home's electrical system is up to the task.

Electrical Service Panel Repairs for Homes

  ( 1 Article ) Electrical Service Panel

Modern Virginian households have four or five times as many electrical appliances as households of just thirty years ago, not to mention dozens more lights, fans and other electical systems. In many of the Washington DC area's older communities, however, the homes are 50, 60, somtimes even 100 years old and haven't had their electrical service panels upgraded in decades, if ever.